Nicolas Mahut vs John Isner: Tiebreak anyone?

If ever there was a match that deserved a tiebreaker, it was the one between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut in the first round of Wimbledon today. It was a classic case of an irresistable force meeting an immoveable object, with neither player able to break the other's serve in the final set. If this was the US Open it would have been over hours ago, but with Wimbledon not having a fifth set tiebreak it went on and on and on ... and then on some more.

Eventually after playing for most of the day the players went off court at 9:10pm with the score tied at 59-all in the fifth, the sun setting in the background, and no end in sight! The physical and mental strength of both players is astounding, that they could last as long as they did in this unprecedented match. One wonders if there will be a rules change to stop a repeat of this in future because, entertaining as it was, it can't be good for the players. One almost feels sorry for whomever wins because he will have to go out and do it all again the next day.

But before then, Mahut and Isner will be back for a third day running to decide the outcome of this phenomenal match. No doubt it will be something of an anticlimax, over in minutes rather than hours. But whoever emerges the victor, both players will be remembered for their contribution. Sleep well guys, and good luck for tomorrow!